Token Introspection EndpointΒΆ

The client library for OAuth 2.0 token introspection is provided as an extension method for HttpClient.

The following code sends a reference token to an introspection endpoint:

var client = new HttpClient();

var response = await client.IntrospectTokenAsync(new TokenIntrospectionRequest
    Address = "",
    ClientId = "api1",
    ClientSecret = "secret",

    Token = accessToken

The response is of type TokenIntrospectionResponse and has properties for the standard response parameters. You also have access to the the raw response as well as to a parsed JSON document (via the Raw and Json properties).

Before using the response, you should always check the IsError property to make sure the request was successful:

if (response.IsError) throw new Exception(response.Error);

var isActive = response.IsActive;
var claims = response.Claims;